Paramount Plus Just Launched in the US

CBS All Access has just transformed into Paramount Plus.


Yesterday, ViacomCBS launched their new streaming platform, Paramount Plus, which they intend to have among the top winners of the Streaming Wars. Their desire is for the service to be mentioned in the same sentence as Netflix or Disney Plus.


Last week, the company revealed their plans to move from CBS All Access to Paramount Plus, a unified effort to try to find a place among the streaming giants. For example, the former pricing won’t change for the premium tier ($9.99 per month). However, a new basic tier (supported by ads) is available. It will cost $4.99 per month and include NFL games, but local CBS stations are excluded. The previous entry-level CBS All Access plan, which is $5.99, will be discontinued, although existing subscribers won’t be affected unless they cancel their sub. In addition, bundle plans will be offered for those who want them.


Additionally, they announced a large slate of original programming coming to the service, like a Pet Sematary prequel or a Criminal Minds reboot. They have big ideas to capitalize on their big IP library, but that is not it. The service also has a big catalog at launch that includes movies like The Godfather trilogy, all four Indiana Jones movies, or all six Mission: Impossible movies (as well as the original show). They also have classic TV shows like I Love Lucy, which you might be familiar with due to the first episode of WandaVision having a lot of references to it (and also, Aaron Sorkin is making a movie set during one week of production for that show).


You can check out the entire catalog of movies and TV shows available at the service through JustWatch, where you can easily browse through the new content with various filter options like release year, IMDb rating, and genre. JustWatch is an international streaming guide with more than 20 million users across 46 countries. With Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and many others all in one place, they help you find movies and TV shows to watch (and where to do so) legally online.


Paramount+ launched in the US and Latin America this week, on March 4. It will hit the Nordics on March 25, and Australia in the middle of the year. No further launch dates have been announced as of yet.