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Disney Renaming 20th Century Fox And Fox Searchlight Post-Merger

Several months after completing a major merger, Disney has opted to rename 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight. Otherwise, the divisions will remain unchanged, and will continue to exist as different labels under the larger Disney conglomerate. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than four years. […]

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios Reveals Disney+ Launch Titles, Announces Show Previews

Marvel Studios have revealed that most of their library will be available at the launch of Disney+ tomorrow, along with the surprise announcement of a special documentary revealing what the future holds in store for the ambitious streaming service. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than […]

Marvel Studios Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is Taking Over Marvel TV

Kevin Feige is becoming the busiest man in Hollywood. Aside from overseeing development of a lot of Disney+ series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and producing a Star Wars film, he’s also going to take over all of Marvel’s live-action and animated content on television. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has […]


‘Spider-Man’ is Back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for at Least Two Movies

Cooler heads have prevailed! After an unexpected breakup a little over a month ago, Sony and Marvel Studios are continuing to reteam on Spider-Man to at least cap off the current trilogy of Marvel Cinematic Universe films in 2021 and have Tom Holland’s Peter Parker pop up in another Marvel Studios movie. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is […]

JJ Abrams and Bad Robot logo

J.J. Abrams Signs Deal With WarnerMedia

  JJ Abrams and Bad Robot have officially pledged their future to WarnerMedia, signing a five-year deal worth $250m that includes films and series as well as videogames and digital content. Josh AtkinsJosh is a huge a fan of Star Wars, superheroes and video games. He spends most of his time wondering who would win […]

Pinewood Studios

Disney Signs Long Term Deal with Pinewood Studios

This week Disney signed a new, long-term, deal with England’s historic Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Under the new agreement Disney will have almost exclusive use of the Studio’s facilities for at least a decade, including the iconic 007 Stage. ChrisLyneChris is a lifelong fan of Disney, Star Wars and super heroes who can’t quite believe this […]

Sony Pictures

Hedge Fund Pitching Possible Sale of Sony Pictures; Amazon is a Possible Buyer

Amidst ongoing discussions over the future of the Spider-Man movie franchise comes a report that Sony Pictures itself may be up for sale down the road, if a pitch from a hedge fund activist takes off with the execs. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than four […]

Disney Studios

Disney Studios D23 Recap

After a record breaking year at the box office, Saturday saw Disney Studios present their upcoming film slate to an eager audience at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. From new animated features to live action remakes, the MCU to a galaxy far, far away, the panel was packed with new footage and special guests. ChrisLyneChris […]


Disney+ Steals the Show at D23 Expo

This weekend’s D23 Expo was likely the most important in the convention’s short history. Alongside the traditional sneak preview of the studio’s upcoming movie slate and brand new theme park attractions, this year’s Expo also served as the launch event for Disney+, the brand new streaming service set to debut in just over two months. […]


Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Freeze ‘Spider-Man’ Partnership (For Now)

In a shocking move, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have called it quits on their partnership due to a financial disagreement over financing future Spider-Man movies, although there’s a chance that they’ll reverse this decision. Either way, the character’s next two films will still involve Tom Holland and Jon Watts. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is […]


Disney Making Changes to Fox After ‘Dark Phoenix’ Bombs

In spite of producing absolutely massive hits at the box office over the past few months, Disney has reported lower-than-expected earnings for their third quarter, and their newest subsidiary, 20th Century Fox, is one of the scapegoats for their shortfall. As such, Disney has revealed that they will be taking more of a hands-on approach […]

Viacom CBS

CBS and Viacom Reportedly Closing in on a Merger

Over 13 years ago, Viacom (the owner of Paramount Pictures) and CBS formally split up. But now, rumor has it that after months of speculation and whispers of corporate movement, they’re going to kiss and make up as soon as this Monday. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news […]

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