Sony Delays ‘Spider-Man 3’ while Paramount Pushes ‘A Quiet Place 2’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to 2021, Dates ‘Sonic 2’

It’s a neverending story.


The COVID-19 pandemic keeps shattering any plans Hollywood might have. Following Disney’s massive shakeup, Paramount Pictures announced last night three new release date changes for some of their biggest upcoming films:


  • A Quiet Place: Part II is moving from September 6, 2020, to April 23, 2021. It’s now arriving over a year later than originally planned.
  • Top Gun: Maverick now takes flight on July 2, 2021, instead of rocking cinemas for Christmas on December 23, 2020. Another insane delay – we must remember the first release date they gave this movie was summer 2019.
  • Untitled Jackass Film makes some space for Maverick in July and now opens on September 3, 2021.


In addition to these delays, the studio also dated a sequel to 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog (April 8, 2022) and two new animated films: Under the Boardwalk (July 22, 2022) and The Tiger’s Apprentice (February 10, 2023).


Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios also came forward last night to announce a (small) delay to their third Spider-Man film, which is now dated for December 17, 2021 (from the previous November 5 spot). This gives the filmmakers and Tom Holland a bit of breathing room, as the threequel is waiting for Uncharted, which is being shot right now, to be done before it can set up its cameras.


While the situation in many European and Asian countries might be improving, with some smaller releases like Peninsula already pulling in surprisingly big opening numbers, the public health situation in the United States is far from good, and studios are slowly realizing how bad the situation really is. At this point, 2020 is starting to look like a lost battle, with just a handful of big releases holding on to their (constantly shifting) dates or turning to VOD and digital platforms in desperation.


We’ve already been predicting all of these delays here, but it’s still rough when the studios actually make them official. It’s just a matter of time now before The New Mutants and The King’s Man also get bumped, leaving us another two months of no wide releases.