‘The Book Of Mormon’ Could Be Headed For The Big Screen

The Book Of Mormon
A new report suggests that Broadway smash-hit The Book of Mormon could be headed for the big screen. The musical satirizing organized religion was a collaboration between South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Frozen music co-writer Robert Lopez.


Geek Vibes Nation, collaborating with DiscussingFilm, were able to discover new details on Parker and Stone’s latest movie collaboration. According to their sources from the realm of theater, The Book of Mormon is being made under the code name Alma Junction, and it’s set to start filming this month if all goes well. So far, the production has assembled Vickie Thomas as a casting director, Scott Rudin as a producer, and Pawel Pogorzelski as a cinematographer. At this time, no distributor has been selected.


Revolving around a group of idealistic Mormon missionaries headed to Uganda, The Book of Mormon mainly focuses on the misadventures of Kevin Price (the golden boy of his church) and Arnold Cunningham (an goofball prone to lying), both of whom have different expectations for their role in the church going forward. Their faith is tested when the harsh realities of life in Uganda make themselves apparent, particularly with a populace that blames their lot in life on God. As time goes on, Kevin begins to question his own faith and the dogma that his teachers have described, while Arnold becomes a religious leader and becomes more successful in converting the populace to the religion… Even if he ends up stretching the truth about what’s actually in the Book of Mormon.


While the show is a clear spoof of religion, it also points out the benefits of belief, and has even become beloved by members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. In addition, the play has won numerous Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score. As the show is still doing well both on Broadway and on tour, it seems a bit surprising that they would make a movie of it about a decade after it first opened, but the musical itself is pretty theatrical, so it should translate well to film if it is indeed being made.