‘Creed 3’ Finds Its Writer

Here’s something nobody expected: Creed 3 is apparently moving forward!


Even though no director is yet attached to the project, and there is no word at the moment about Stallone coming back, MGM has just signed on Zach Baylin to write the script for a third installment in the Creed spinoff franchise. There is also no official word of whether Michael B. Jordan will come back or not, but since he’s playing the title character, one would assume so right?


Baylin has been working on the art department of several movies for over 15 years now, and wrote his first script in King Richard, a movie filming right now about Richard Williams, father and coach of Venus and Serena Williams, starring Will Smith.


To me, this news is actually very much unexpected – after both previous movies clearly underperformed at the box office, I thought the franchise was done. Also, Creed II could have easily served as a final point on the Rocky story, as well as Adonis’. We still have no story details at all, but I would assume they go the Rocky III way, because let’s face it, storywise, Adonis is pretty much at the same point as Rocky at the end of Rocky II. The world has moved on from not paying attention to him at all, to realizing that even though he lost his first huge match, he is someone to be afraid of, and then to watch him win a fight even bigger than the previous one.


Now, they will probably give him a new opponent even harder than Drago, and Rocky will most likely die in this movie – they have even set that up from the very first Creed. In fact, I actually fully expected him to be done by the end of Creed II. While I am not a hardcore fan of this franchise, I have actually enjoyed both Creed movies even more than most people. The first Creed to me still remains one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the 2010s, and I actually enjoyed the second installment a lot more than most.


Box office wise, both movies were not exactly big hits, but they managed to break even and even make some profit for the studio. The two of them came in around the $200 million mark, with budgets of $35 and $50 million respectively. Let’s see what this third holds for us, even though it will probably not come out for several years since Jordan is actually pretty busy.


THR first broke this news.