‘Crisis’ Adds ‘Birds of Prey’ and First Look at Supermen

Birds of Prey
Crisis on Infinite Earths has started filming but that hasn’t stopped The CW from adding another guest star to its already phenomenal line up as Birds of Prey‘s Ashley Scott joins the fight for the multiverse.


According to TV Line, Scott has signed up to reprise her role as Huntress/Helena Kyle, the meta human daughter of Batman and Catwoman.


Birds of Prey premiered in 2002, following the success of Smallville, and saw Scott’s Huntress fighting alongside Dina Meyer’s Barbara Gordon/Oracle and Rachel Skarsten’s Dinah Redmond against Mia Sara’s Harleen Quinzel in New Gotham following the disappearance of Batman several years earlier. Whilst the series only ran for one season, it was still notable as a strong female led super hero series before the modern super hero boom, and as the first live action Batman based TV series since the sixties. Plus it managed to get Mark Hamill as the voice of Joker (Roger Stoneburner played the physical role) during a flashback sequence in the pilot episode.


There’s no word yet on whether Scott’s co-stars will be joining her, but Skarsten is already part of the Arrowverse family playing the lead antagonist in Batwoman so it’s certainly possible we could see her returning as Dinah during crossover.


As Crisis adds more of Gotham’s heroes, a certain Man of Tomorrow has returned to the farm in Smallville. In an image shared by Erica Durance, fans got their first look at Lois and Clark reunited after eight years;



Can’t deny it. Seeing them together again makes me so happy!


And Welling isn’t the only Superman stepping onto set. Brandon Routh also teased his return to the cape with a classic silhouette;



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I don’t think it’s over hyping it to say this has the potential to be the biggest event in DC’s live action history. Hopefully it can live up to the iconic comic series that inspired it.


Crisis on Infinite Earths begins December 8th on Supergirl.