Are Disney Planning an ‘Aladdin’ Sequel?

As Disney’s live action reimagining of Aladdin continues to beat box office expectations, the first talk of a sequel has escaped from the Cave of Wonders.


As The DisInsider reported on Aladdin breaking $720 million worldwide, Skyler Shuler, the site’s Editor-In-Chief, shared word on Twitter that fans should expect Disney to announce a sequel soon;




To be fair, news of a potential sequel isn’t that unexpected. With the film now sitting at just under $730 million worldwide it seems almost certain to cross the $800 million mark before it ends it’s run, and could potentially go higher if it continues to show good legs at the box office.


What is surprising is that claim that director Guy Ritchie will likely not be returning for a second trip to Agrabah. Whilst Ritchie may have seemed like an unlikely choice to helm a Disney musical, and critical opinion was mixed, there’s no that the film has been a massive hit with audiences. That combined with Ritchie saying how much fun he had making Aladdin had led me to assume that he’d be back if Disney wanted a sequel.


With two animated sequels and an animated series, there’s certainly plenty of material to draw from for any sequel, with The Return of Jafar seeming like an obvious starting point. Though there will one big difference. The Genie. In the animated movie Genie retained his magic, with the caveat that they were now only semi-phenomenal, nearly cosmic powers, whilst the film left little doubt that Smith’s Genie became human when Aladdin wished for his freedom.


Jafar’s transformation into a Genie would also free Marwan Kenzari to explore a more over the top and maniacal portrayal of the character, something many felt was lacking in the live action version of the character. And perhaps we could learn why he was imprisoned in Shirabad and what led to his hatred of Jasmine’s mother’s kingdom.


Whilst no official announcement has been made, there are fourteen Untitled Disney Live Action Movies slots on the studio’s release slate from 2020-2023. Whilst a 2021 release wouldn’t be impossible, 2022 or even 2023 is arguably more likely for what would no doubt be a CG heavy event.


Here’s hoping Disney officially announce a return to Agrabah soon!