‘Deadpool’ Cartoon Coming Soon, Says Rob Liefeld

It would appear that Deadpool fans will have something new to shout about soon, as a new cartoon of some kind is said to be launching sometime soon from the character’s own creator.


Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld spilt the beans on Twitter, claiming that he knows the cartoon will be arriving ‘sooner rather than later’, although he’s in the dark about the series beyond that:



Other than that, we know precious little else about the show. It hasn’t been officially announced by FOX or Disney, so there are little to no details available. Now that Deadpool is a Disney property, the cartoon could hypothetically be aired on Disney+. But even still, there are questions to ask about whether or not Disney would be comfortable with their family-oriented streaming service hosting with a property like Deadpool, something that is tonally different from their brand.


Disney CEO Bob Iger has stated that any future Deadpool film will be released with branding that sets it apart from their MCU films, so as to not confuse the consumer, which might suggest Disney+ will not be the home of this cartoon if the intended image of the character is to be as family-unfriendly as possible. It could be that this is the same cartoon that Donald Glover was working on for FX, or at least an offshoot of it. It was reported a year ago that the project had been scrapped, but perhaps Disney has hired someone else to pick up the pieces or just redo it entirely. Either way, it seems likely that the cartoon could end up on FX.


It’s also unknown if Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as Deadpool for the cartoon. Theoretically it shouldn’t be too difficult, as Reynolds has no problem doing voiceovers of the character for various high-profile YouTube videos and other adverts, but he was never officially tied to Glover’s animated series. Perhaps the cartoon will go in a different direction with its voice actor, or it may just use a cheaper alternative.


The news that a Deadpool cartoon is in the works is surprising, mainly because the status of X-Force and Deadpool 3 (Fox’s two planned Marvel movies that were intended to feature the character) are uncertain right now. When the Disney-FOX merger was finalized, no one was really sure what fate lay in store for the Merc with a Mouth. Bob Iger has since confirmed that the Deadpool films will continue, but it’s unclear exactly how far along in development the next film is. No one really expected to get a new cartoon before the next feature film.