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‘Hellboy’ Trailer Is Bombastic and Hilarious

David Harbour Hellboy


We have the first trailer for the upcoming Hellboy film, and it looks like fans need to brace themselves for a hilarious action romp.


Fans were gutted to learn that Lionsgate would be rebooting Hellboy instead of doing a Hellboy 3 with Ron Perlman, but the good news is that David Harbour (Stranger Things) looks more than up to the challenge of depicting the eponymous character.


Director Neil Marshall seems to understand that in order to make Hellboy appeal to the masses, then it needs to be funny. The trailer is laden with gags and quips aplenty, though looking at some of the monsters on show, it also seems to hint at the brutality previously teased by Barbour.






It has to be said that Barbour’s look and general depiction of the character appears faithful to the source material, even if the film seems to be following in Marvel’s footsteps by leading with humour first.


The trailer only gives us a glimpse of Milla Jovovich as villain Nimue; hopefully that isn’t a general indication of the role she serves in the film. This film will likely spend a lot of time focusing on Hellboy’s origin story, so hopefully Nimue won’t simply be another two-dimensional villain simply there because the hero needs to defeat someone at the end.


Ian McShane (American Gods) also appears in this trailer as Trevor Bruttenholm, head of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Sasha Lane (American Honey) will play Alice Monaghan, a love interest for Hellboy in the comics, while Daniel Dae Kim has been cast as Ben Daimio. The character was originally to be played by Ed Skrein, who dropped out after concerns over white-washing.


Hellboy will be released on April 12 2019, and it looks like it’ll be a blast. For more updates on Hellboy, stay tuned to Move News Net.



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