‘What If…’ Releases First Teaser


The animated series What If… has released its first teaser trailer, including a look at Chadwick Boseman’s last performance as King T’Challa.


Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige came out in full force during Disney Investor Day 2020 to talk about the studio’s upcoming Disney Plus series and theatrical releases.


One of the studio’s most anticipated releases since the Phase 4 slate was first unveiled has been What If… because of its new unique take on the MCU. The first look at the series is stunning and an explosion of creativity. Hopefully, the scripts will live up to the looks.


As mentioned before, the show is also bringing us Chadwick Boseman’s last interpretation of T’Challa. Unfortunately, we’ll only get to hear his voice as the Black Panther, but better that than nothing.



Marvel’s What If… drops in summer 2021.