‘Stranger Things 3’ Final Trailer Shows an Unforgettable Summer

Stranger Things
The last trailer for the highly-anticipated third season of Stranger Things is here, showcasing an eventful Summer of 1985 for the kids in Hawkins, Indiana.


Months after Jane “Eleven” Ives shut the gate between the Nether (or, as the kids call it, “the Upside-Down”) and the Earth, the kids of Hawkins are enjoying the end of school and are looking to enjoy a long-awaited Summer vacation, especially now that a brand-new shopping mall has opened up in time for Independence Day. However, supernatural terrors start happening once again in their quiet little town, and whatever malicious force that attacked them in the past two years is back in full force, seeking a new host outside of the Nether to enact its will.


Unfortunately for everyone involved, the will of the “Mind Flayer” seems to be to destroy everything and kill everyone, and we can’t have that. As the kids begin to transition into adulthood, they have to stick together and work with every single one of their allies to put a stop to this thing once again. You can watch the trailer below:



In general, it looks like the Duffer Brothers and Netflix have put together another strong season of one of the streaming service’s flagship shows. It’s not clear how much of the new trailer is misdirection and how much of it’s presenting the kind of story that we’re going to be getting, but it certainly feels like there may be more to the narrative of this particular season than they’re letting on. After all, with the number of supernatural occurances increasing steadily since the initial incident of the vanishing of Will Byers, one can only wonder what they’ll do to mix things up.


Stranger Things 3 will stream on Netflix starting July 4, 2019. Stranger Things 1 and Stranger Things 2 can be viewed on the streaming service right now, along with the aftershow Beyond Stranger Things. The show is planned to go on for at least one more season, and possibly two.