UPDATE! ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Breaks Another Record: Biggest Monday Gross in April, Passes $800M in 5 Days

Avengers: Infinity War is kicking names and taking butts at the box office, but its conquest isn’t limited to the weekend. The movie has broken another record in the form of having the biggest box office gross on a Monday in the month of April.


Box Office Mojo lists Avengers: Infinity War as having the highest single-day Monday gross for a movie that released in April with a $24.7M total, leaving Furious 7‘s previous hold on the record ($14M) in the dust. It’s also the tenth-biggest Monday gross ever, and unlike many of the examples listed above it, it did not have the distinction of coming off of a holiday weekend. Thanks to this haul, along with $60.3M more in the bank from the international box office, the film crossed the $700M mark in record time, currently totaling an absolutely massive $725.5M globally.


UPDATE: And now the totals are indicating that it’s made another $23.4M domestically and $59.4M abroad, adding up to $805.3M in five days. At the current rate, it looks like the movie will cross the $1B mark before the end of this weekend, which would be another big accomplishment for the crossover ten years in the making.


We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Avengers: Infinity War continues its conquest of the global an international box office. For now, you can catch the movie in theaters and join the rest of us in waiting for Avengers 4 with bated breath.