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Killing Eve S3/E4 Review: ‘Still Got It’

Television series that depend on drawing out their core suspense as long as possible – will Richard Kimble ever find the One-Armed Man? Will Sam and Diane ever get together? – tend to avoid making any real choices. Choices close...


Killing Eve S3/E2 Review: ‘Management Sucks’

In the second episode of the third season, the story tailspins into bleary eyed grief. Everything is turned upside down. And Jodie Comer submits her audition reel for the next version of the Joker. Seriously. Jodie Comer should play the...


Killing Eve S3/E1 Review: Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

Killing Eve faces a huge challenge going into its third season. The ‘Will They, Won’t They?’ intrigue of assassin Villanelle and MI6 agent Eve Polastri has been stretched to its absolute limit. Both have tried to kill the other, and...