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Is “Color Out of Space” the Film H.P. Lovecraft Fans Have Been Waiting For?

Those unfamiliar with the early 20th Century writings of horror icon Howard Phillips Lovecraft (HPL) will be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. For HPL purists, film adaptations of his work have largely been limited to risible cable tv efforts, so with the UK cinematic release of Color Out Of Space, directed […]

Review – ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 5: “50% Off”

“50% Off” had the difficult task of following the excellent opening episode of season five of Better Call Saul. While episode two felt a bit more like a transition episode, we were still treated to some great moments. “50% Off” really focused on Nacho Varga and Saul Goodman, and we got to see Saul working […]

Review – Better Call Saul Season 5 – “Magic Man”

I recently finished a re-watch of the Breaking Bad series, and it reminded me of why it is one of my favorite shows of all time. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long to dive back into the world of Breaking Bad, because Better Call Saul recently debuted the first episode of its fifth season. […]

Star Trek: Picard S1/E6 Review: ‘The Impossible Box’

Star Trek: Picard has come under some fire recently for how much the Federation and Starfleet have appeared to change since we last saw them. In this week’s episode, we discover one thing is still very much the same: Jean-Luc Picard’s hate and fear of the Borg. Darby HarnDarby Harn writes for CBR.com and Movie […]

Michael Chabon Believes A Perfect Starfleet Is Inhuman – And He’s Right

Patrick Stewart promised Star Trek: Picard wouldn’t be the Trek we’re used to. That hasn’t stopped critiques on its direction, particularly regarding recent dark turns. Executive producer and show runner Michael Chabon took to Instagram to address those concerns. His considered responses underline why a darker Trek is not only relevant, but necessary. Darby HarnDarby Harn […]

Hellblazing the Trail: A Look Back at Constantine

With the Keanussance fully underway and rumors circulating of his involvement in a future MCU project, let’s take a look back at Keanu Reeves first foray into comic book territory in honor of the 15th Anniversary of Constantine. Robert Graff

Star Trek: Picard S1/E5 Review: ‘Stardust City Rag’

Can you recover your humanity? That’s the question at the heart of the halfway point of Star Trek: Picard’s inaugural season. Despite the pulpy setting on INSERT CASINO PLANET HERE, ‘Stardust City Rag,’ by novelist Kristen Beyer, features some of the most sober moments in modern Trek history. Darby HarnDarby Harn writes for CBR.com and […]

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Review – Sonic Rockets Past Expectations

Sonic the Hedgehog blasted its way into theaters this past weekend to fantastic box office numbers. It sets up a new and exciting age in video game movies, and most importantly, it’s surprisingly good. Bobby LongBobby Long is a life-long fan of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney and The […]

Star Trek: Picard S1/E4 Review: ‘Absolute Candor’

You’d think the return of a beloved fan favorite character after nearly twenty years would be the headline of any review of a Star Trek episode, but nope. Regardless of all the tremendous things in this fourth episode of Star Trek: Picard, the lead has to be ROMULAN WARRIOR NUNS. Darby HarnDarby Harn writes for CBR.com […]

Birds of Prey

‘Birds of Prey’ Review – A Madcap Color Bomb of Action

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is Harley Quinn’s story. Gotham City’s favorite hot mess once again finds herself spiraling down into messes hotter than a vat of acid in a way only Harley Quinn could get herself into. Told through the beautifully insane, colorful perspective of…you guessed it…Harley Quinn herself.  Bobby LongBobby Long is a life-long […]

‘Underwater’ Review: Not a Splash, but Worth Getting Wet For

The Kristen Stewart-led blockbuster is a financial disaster that has been largely ignored by audiences, but is this a trip deep below worth taking for monster fanatics? Fran J. RuizFrancisco J. Ruiz is that guy who has watched Jurassic Park a thousand times and loves Star Wars. His hunger for movies is only matched by his love […]

Douglas & Kubrick on the Warpath: An Appreciation of ‘Paths of Glory’

With his recent passing, it’s time to give some love to an often overlooked gem from Kirk Douglas’s long and storied career. Robert Graff

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