‘Knives Out’ Sequels Acquired by Netflix for $450 Million

Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out

Rian Johnson will come back for two sequels to Knives Out.


Deadline is reporting that most recently an auction between three streaming services, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, took place to acquire the rights to the sequels. As it turns out, Netflix came out on top, making an offer of around $450 million, effectively making it one of the biggest streaming movie deals ever.


Apparently, Rian Johnson has kept himself busy since the first movie came out, because not only did he write a sequel, but he also wrote a sequel to the sequel. Daniel Craig is on board to return for both, with the first one shooting imminently – production is set to start on June 28, in Greece. This also means that we have three very exciting months of casting announcements ahead. With Knives Out having one of the most outstanding casts of the past decade, and both the shooting process and the final product being an absolute blast for everyone involved, the amount of people lining up to work with Rian Johnson is very long, even more so than it was back in 2018, when the first movie came together.


Johnson will be producing the two movies along with his long-time producing partner Ram Bergman. This is also a very smart move for Netflix. The studio is looking for their original IPs to survive the streaming wars, and Knives Out is a perfect fit for them. The first movie shook the box office, making a total of $311 million on a $40 million budget, and beyond that, it got outstanding reviews, both from critics and audiences, who shared the word around. The movie ended up nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar, too.


Given how lightning-fast the first movie came together, a 2022 release date is almost guaranteed.