‘District 10’ Confirmed By Neill Blomkamp

Human and alien arguing in District 9


Director Neill Blomkamp has confirmed that a sequel is still coming to sci-film District 9, one of his most popular works.


He confirmed the news in a tweet, revealing that the screenplay is being written by Sharlto Copley (who starred in the first film), Terri Tatchell (Chappie), and himself. Tatchell wrote District 9 with Blomkamp too.



Fans have been yearning for a sequel to District 9 for years, but Blomkamp has instead cast his eye on other projects, releasing films like Elysium and Chappie. But Chappie, his last feature film, was released all the way back in 2015, and things have been a bit quieter for the director since.


Though Blomkamp has since been involved in various projects with major sci-fi IPs that failed to get off the ground, such as Alien and Halo, he’s kept himself busy and released a multitude of short films in the last six years. He’s currently in post-production for the feature-length horror film Demonic, which will release later this year.


District 9 tells the story of a group of aliens forced to settle on Earth, living in an internment camp called District 9 outside Johannesburg. The South African government begins relocating the aliens (nicknamed prawns due to their similar facial features) in order to collect alien fuel. Sharlto Copley’s Wikus Van de Merwe comes into contact with the “fuel” and begins to transform into a “prawn” himself. By the end of the film, Van de Merwe has fully transformed and the alien mothership leaves the planet. The film speculates whether or not the aliens will return to declare war on humanity after their people were so poorly treated during their 30-year stay on Earth.


The film uses the concept of extra-terrestrials living in internment camps to explore themes of xenophobia and social segregation, plus what it means to be “human”. If District 10 is a bit more simple and is all about the return of the subjugated aliens to wage war, it remains to be seen to what degree these themes would be explored. At this stage though, all bets are off.


There is no indication of when District 10 could hit, but given this announcement is only about the screenplay currently being written, it’s safe to assume that we’re at least three years away from release if everything works out.