The Movie News Network – ‘Cruella’ & ‘Justice League’ Trailers PLUS ‘Last of Us’, Christopher Plummer, & Much More!

On this episode of The Movie News Network, we discuss new trailers for Justice League, Cruella, and more. Plus we get into The Last of Us casting, a Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot, Christopher Plummer’s passing, and some recent Hollywood controversies.


Writers for the site DavidDarby, and Alex assemble for this episode of the podcast. Take a listen below, or look for the show on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!




Intro (00:00)

Tinker Trailer Soldier Spy (01:01)


News Stories (28:01)


What We’ve Been Watching (28:47)

Darby: The Dig, Doctor Who Episode: ‘Blink’, Greenland

David: The Wire, Malcolm & Marie, Minari

Alex: 30 RockBig Bang Theory


What We’re Hung Up On (1:10:27)

David: Disney shuts down Blue Sky Studios

Darby: Joss Whedon controversy

Alex: Gina Carano Fired By Disney/Lucasfilm; Future With Star Wars Is Over


Wrap Up (1:40:31)

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