‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Is Getting A Week Of New Filming

Justice League
After claims to the contrary, it seems like Zack Snyder’s Justice League will get some additional photography pretty soon, and some of the biggest stars of the movie are said to be involved.


The Hollywood Reporter has broken the story that the director’s cut of Justice League will be filming new scenes in October – nothing too elaborate, since it seems like they’ll only be filming for a week or so, but the move will allow the finished product to come together a little more smoothly. Actors speculated to return for new scenes include Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), with no word on Ezra Miller (The Flash) or Jason Momoa (Aquaman). So far, only one actor has been confirmed to appear by THR: Ray Fisher (Cyborg). The actor has found himself at the center of a controversy over the infamous reshoots directed by Joss Whedon, and is reportedly at odds with Warner Bros. over his character’s inclusion (or lack thereof) in The Flash. The report indicates that part of Fisher’s frustration with Whedon is down to the fact that the director (who allegedly stated his dislike of Snyder’s footage to the film’s crew on several occasions) removed several of his scenes, although Fisher continues to maintain the rumors that abusive behavior occurred on the set without confirming what the abuses were. While Momoa has backed Fisher on some of these claims, the insider that THR spoke to claimed that there was no physical or emotional abuse on the set, even if tensions were high.


Previously, it was stated that there would be no additional filming on the project whatsoever. What changed is not clear, but it seems entirely possible that Zack Snyder’s decision to forgo a paycheck on the film may have given him the funds necessary to shoot a couple of short scenes. It’s worth emphasizing, however, that these new scenes will likely be pick-ups, which are very short by nature, rather than setpieces (which would be too expensive to film for the movie’s budget). And this isn’t the first time that we’ve learned that additional photography has taken place, as Harry Lennix’s buddy apparently revealed that the actor filmed some short scenes to complete his Martian Manhunter cameo, which was teased in the trailer itself if you know where to look. It’s not clear if anything else like that has been filmed, but it seems likely that the upcoming scenes involving the leads may be slightly more elaborate than a few shots involving a hallway and some greenscreen (which is what it supposedly took for Lennix to finish things up).


UPDATE (24/09): Collider is exclusively reporting that Henry Cavill won’t be part of the reshoots. The Enola Holmes-centric interview took place before the news broke though, so there might be a chance he was playing coy.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League will release on HBO Max sometime in 2021. The film will initially be released as a four-episode miniseries, with each episode being an hour apiece. The film will subsequently be recut into one long film. In addition, Snyder claims that he’s considering making a black-and-white edit of the movie.