‘The Boys’ Season 2, Episode 3 – Review

This is the episode we’d been waiting for.


Warning: spoiler alert for episode 3 of the second season of The Boys.


The third episode of the second season of The Boys truly felt like the payoff for all of the set up done by the past two episodes, and it was glorious. After much discussion, the press finally reported on Vought’s scheme to drug babies with Compound V, and we got to witness the fallout. Also, the Boys were caught when trying to sneak in the supe terrorist into the CIA, and that led to a magnificent confrontation.


This episode is all about character dynamics and putting characters on the spot to force them to make a choice. Very early on, Vought executives were put on the spot by Starlight when the Compound V scandal blew up, and especially Mr. Edgar was forced to make a choice. Also, when the news broke, Butcher was put on the spot, both by the plot and by the other characters, to congratulate Hughie on his success (which actually kind of bothered me, because Starlight did all the work, and he only mentioned her briefly instead of giving her full credit).


And then, this came back when it was Butcher who saved Hughie from Starlight, who was maybe going to kill him on Homelander’s orders. At the same time, Starlight was put on the spot right at that moment, although she didn’t really have a choice – whether or not he would have instead attacked Homelander to save Hughie, we’ll never know, although I think we all know how that fight would have turned out.


The Deep was once again rejected by the Seven, both for his past failures (by Starlight and in some way by Stormfront as well) and his looks (by Homelander). I think that, by the end of the season, he will have switched sides, and will be helping the Boys, although I hope they go in a less cliche journey with him.


This episode finally made some sense of the Homelander-Becca relationship, as it revealed they are playing a classical broken family with a drunk father who abuses everyone at home, and they have a mother and her child protecting each other from him (although we kind of saw it coming in the last episode).


I also like how the power dynamics in the Boys have developed over time, with now Butcher being the outcast, and the other three protecting each other, especially Hughie. However, I think that Butcher’s final act of saving Hughie has changed that for now, which we could see in the last moments, with all five of them watching TV in awe, trying to assimilate what just happened.


I have to say that this episode finally gave us something I had been waiting for the entire show, although I must admit they did not exploit it to its full potential – the Seven going against the Boys. And I say that it had much more potential because, after all, the Boys only did face three of the Seven, and maybe only two, because Starlight was never an opponent to them – they faced Deep before they got to the island, and then Homelander inside the caves. Stormfront did show up after that, but just to go after Kimiko’s brother. The other three didn’t even show up (minus a brief appearance by A-Train to tell us that he is suffering from withdrawal symptoms).


And that leads us to the big confrontation of the episode, which actually wasn’t a fight per se – Homelander vs. Stormfront. This is going to be the showdown of the season, with Stormfront now being at the front of the team, taking action and stealing Homelander’s control over his teammates and Vought’s executives.


I simply cannot wait to see what’s next and how our heroes are going to fight back.