‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Lands on Netflix in September

Capcom’s hit video game is the next in line to get an anime adaptation.


Following on the massive success of Castlevania, Netflix and Capcom announced back in March 2019 that Sublimation Inc. (ShikizakuraWalking Meat) would be adapting the famous action role-playing video game, which tells the story of a human whose heart is stolen by the dragon Grigori, an event that marks him (or her) as the Arisen, a figure destined to face the Dragon and stop the coming apocalypse.


The anime, which premieres on September 17, is directed by Shinya Sugai (ShikizakuraThe Ancient Magus’ Bride), executive produced by Netflix’s Taiki Sakurai, co-produced by Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Takashi Kitahara, and written by Kurasumi Sunayama (Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, Sakura Taisen: The Animation), with character designs by Iku Nishimura (Junketsu no Maria, Pokémon Generations).