DC Entertainment Announces DC FanDome, A Streaming Event Featuring Movie Announcements And More

DC FanDome
DC Entertainment has announced DC FanDome, a streaming event that will be held for 24 hours in August. Fans will be able to watch a large assortment of news on the future of comics, shows, movies, video games, and merchandise tied to the DC Universe, free of charge.


Word about this event was first scooped by Geeks World Wide a few days ago, who have stated we should expect news on shows like TitansDoom Patrol, and Stargirl as well as news on movies like Wonder Woman 1984The BatmanThe Suicide Squad, and Black Adam. Now, it’s officially been acknowledged that the the event is happening. Check out what representatives of DC Entertainment had to say in the press release below:


“There is no fan like a DC fan. For more than 85 years, the world has turned to DC’s inspiring heroes and stories to lift us up and entertain us, and this massive, immersive digital event will give everyone new ways to personalize their journey through the DC Universe without lines, without tickets and without boundaries. With DC FanDome, we’re able to give fans from around the world an exciting and unparalleled way to connect with all their favorite DC characters, as well as the incredible talent who bring them to life on the page and screen.”


It’s been confirmed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will also be part of the event. Hopefully, we’ll get the trailer Snyder himself teased a while ago.


Worth considering as well is the likelihood that video games will be showcased at this event, such as the new Batman game that’s practically an open secret at this point. While several Warner Bros. games will likely be announced earlier, since video game announcements typically saved for E3 are being parsed out over the summer, it would be wise for the company to promote them soon and then reveal more details at the convention in order to drum up more hype for this event. It also raises questions about what DC’s presence at SDCC At Home will be, given that the event will be held the following month; it’s entirely possible that they’ll skip out on the venue entirely in order to promote their own event.


DC FanDome will occur on August 22, 2020.