John Krasinski Brings ‘Some Good News’ to ViacomCBS

The Office star John Krasinski has sold the rights of his web series Some Good News to ViacomCBS after a massive bidding war.


Let’s go back a couple of months. On March 29, a new YouTube channel called Some Good News posted its first video, in which actor John Krasinski hosted a new self-produced and self-financed show that tried to bring some positivity to its viewers by delivering Some Good News in the weird world of self-isolation.


That video would go on to earn 17 million views and would be the first of eight more episodes in which the actor would play videos and share pictures that showed off positivity and goodwill, as well as interacting with many fans and introducing them to several celebrities that included Jenna Fischer, Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Lin Manuel Miranda and the Broadway cast of Hamilton, and many more.


This past Sunday, May 17, the YouTube channel aired the show’s last episode for the time being, with its host, John Krasinski, saying goodbye with: “We will see you again.” Well, now we know what he meant by that.


The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the show has been licensed to ViacomCBS and will continue there, with Krasinski as an executive producer but no longer the host, even though they are saying that he will have some on-air presence. This is what he had to say:


“Could not be more excited and proud to be partnering with CBS/Viacom to be able to bring Some Good News to so many more people! From the first episode, our goal was to create a news show dedicated entirely to good news. Never did I expect to be joining the ranks of such a historic news organization as CBS.”

Sources told THR that Krasinski originally resisted the urge to sell the series, after many networks and streaming services called in after the show premiered its first episode.


As a big fan of the series myself, I am not really interested in this new version. The first eight episodes were done in a very self-conscious way, I would even dare to call it romantic. Krasinski stated several times throughout the episodes that he had no idea what he was doing, but hoping that the intention (and even though he didn’t say it, his star power) would be enough to make people realize that no matter how hard things can get, there is always good in the world.


I loved the idea of this show from the very first time I heard about it, mostly because it was home-made. It was something that you and I could do from our homes, just with our webcams and an Internet connection. You don’t need anything more to spread some good news, even if you are only able to reach ten people.


But now, with a corporation coming in to finance the show, who knows what’s going to happen. Sure, with the original team having a say as executive producers, they might be able to keep the spirit, but I can’t imagine network executives giving their thumbs up to a pantless host talking via Zoom with a crappy webcam with Oprah. And that’s what really made it special.


However, I must say, I prefer this than not having anything at all. There is no doubt that the format works, and if they manage to maintain the spirit, and the new host is at least half as charming as Krasinski, they might have a big winner in their hands.


Check out the first episode below. If you are a fan of The Office, there might be a couple of surprises in store for you in this one, and in later episodes.