‘National Treasure’ Disney+ Series in the Works


In an interview with Steven Weintraub of Collider, Jerry Bruckheimer confirms a National Treasure series is currently in the works for Disney Plus. Along with the series, National Treasure 3 is currently in the script-writing process.


When speaking with ColliderJerry Bruckheimer revealed that the Disney Plus series will feature a younger cast, while the theatrical sequel will have the original ensemble:

“We’re certainly working on one [National Treasure] for streaming and we’re working on one for the big screen. Hopefully, they’ll both come together and we’ll bring you another National Treasure, but they’re both very active….The one for Disney+ is a much younger cast. It’s the same concept but a young cast. The one for theatrical would be the same cast.”




Bruckheimer also gave an update on National Treasure 3: 

“The film version is being written right now. The television version is in process. We have a pilot script done and an outline of the future episodes.”


While Bruckheimer said the Disney+ series will follow a much younger cast, is there any chance we could see a young Benjamin Gates? Or will it be a completely new cast of characters, maybe even taking it back to the 19th century? Time will tell, but it’s encouraging to see franchises capitalize on the richness of the world and its characters by having a presence on the streaming service.