The Movie News Network – The First Episode of Our New Podcast is Available Now

Introducing The Movie News Network, a brand new podcast put together by the MNN team! For our first episode, we discuss the biggest film news of the past few weeks: Universal vs. theater chains, Matrix 4, Disney remakes, and much, much more!

Writers for the site David, Alex, and Miguel kick off this first episode of The Movie News Network. Take a listen below:






Big News Stories (01:19)

The Delay After Tomorrow (35:46)

Hollywood has been forced to delay release dates for several movies due to the pandemic. We dive into the biggest shifts in this news segment.


Quickfire News (41:00)

  • Lego moves to Universal
  • Now You See Me 3
  • Bad Robot shows at HBO Max
  • Spy vs. Spy Adaptation
  • Transformers Updates
  • Disney+ Hits 50 Million Subscribers
  • Kaley Cuoco joins Man From Toronto
  • Parks & Rec Special (Aired Thursday)
  • Irrfan Khan has passed away

What We’ve Been Watching (47:35)

  • David: Train to Busan, The Good Place, The Last Dance, Better Call Saul, Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Miguel: Bojack HorsemanStar Trek: The Next GenerationThe OfficeStar Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Alex: Saving Private RyanOnce Upon a Time in HollywoodThe PlatformConfessions of Teenage Drama QueenThe Purge Trilogy, ScrubsZoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

What We’re Hung Up On (57:29)

  • David: Kevin Smith’s Kingdom Keepers for Disney+ (read more about it in Unproduced)
  • Alex: Lizzie McGuire reboot cancellation & Splash censored at Disney+
  • Miguel: Russo Brothers reveal Captain America was almost the Soul Stone in Avengers

Wrap Up (1:04:17)




We’ll be producing new episodes of the show every two weeks. The show will soon be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and pretty much anywhere you get your podcasts. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe, leave us a review, and share it with your friends. See you next time!