‘Sonic’ and ‘Dolittle’ Are Hitting VOD Early Too

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Universal’s Dolittle are hitting VOD soon.


Despite a somewhat decent box office run ($306 million internationally at the time of writing this article), Sonic the Hedgehog is racing to VOD on March 31 in order to lessen the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on its final stretch. Although its stars are signed on for multiple installments (a common practice for potential franchise-starters), there’s no official word on how close the movie actually is to meeting its economic goals. The budget sits somewhere around $95 million, but those numbers probably do not account for the redesign the main star went through following the initial fan backlash.


As for Dolittle, which is arguably one of the biggest flops of 2020 so far, website Fandango is now reporting that it’s hitting VOD as soon as tomorrow, March 24, despite earlier reports suggesting that Universal had passed on the idea and decided to let it follow a regular theatrical-to-home window.