‘Black Widow’ Delay Won’t Affect MCU Timeline

After the unprecedented high of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU has seen a few unexpected wrinkles. With the unfortunate delay of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to 2022 (we think), fans wondered if that would upset the overall MCU storyline. Now, with Black Widow postponed, we wonder the same.


According to a new article in Variety, a source close to Marvel Studios has suggested that the delay of Black Widow, indeterminate like everything else at the moment, will have no impact on the MCU timeline going forward. At first glance, this makes sense. We know little about the film, but we do know it is a prequel, taking place sometime before the events of Avengers: Infinity War. More importantly, we know (SPOILERS, like you haven’t seen it – ten times) that Black Widow died in Endgame. So this film wouldn’t necessarily seem to impact anything to come in Phase Four.


But this is Marvel we’re talking about.


The source’s statement wasn’t qualified with anything, which probably counter to their expectations, doesn’t necessarily solve any questions fans might have. The MCU films have grown increasingly interconnected as time has gone on, and now with the introduction of numerous Disney+ series, that will only continue. Executive Producer Kevin Feige has said Loki and Wandavision in particular will directly impact the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness film, due in 2021. Those productions are on hiatus at the moment as well (everything in Hollywood is), so from a practical standpoint, it is unlikely that Black Widow will disrupt any release timelines.


Black Widow


That being said, let’s put on our SPOILER cap as we consider for a moment this statement.


The source said the film won’t affect the MCU timeline. That timeline was fundamentally altered in Endgame, and we know just from the title the next Doctor Strange film deals with the concept of the multiverse. Loki seems to be dealing with time travel, and Wandavision is also playing with reality. What if Black Widow does not take place in the MCU timeline? What if it takes place in an alternate one, a different timeline that is entangled with the main through the events of either Endgame, or perhaps Loki?


Time will tell.