‘Batwoman’ Production Assistant May Never Walk Again After On-Set Accident


More tragedies continue to happen in the entertainment world, but this time is not related to coronavirus.


Last Wednesday, Amanda Smith, 30, was hit in the head by the lowering bucket of a lift, which she was not able to hear due to the sound of traffic in the viaduct above her. She was working as a PA for CW’s Batwoman. As a result, she suffered several spinal injuries and she can no longer feel anything from the waist down. According to Vancouver Sun, she will remain in the hospital for around a month before she is transferred to the GF Strong Rehabilitation Clinic’s spinal cord injury program.


This all happened two days before the show halted production due to coronavirus concerns, which makes the situation even worse. A GoFundMe page has already been set up, and if any of our readers is able to contribute in the least, all help is welcome.