‘The Batman’ Officially Begins Production in London

The Batman

The Batman officially began filming yesterday as director Matt Reeves took to Twitter to share an image celebrating the start of production.



The movie marker rests on a leather couch, giving nothing away about the scene or who is present, but it’s still exciting to see production officially begin after the leaked set images in recent weeks.


It’s still not known whether Matt Reeves’ The Batman will be part of the DC Film universe or exist in its own world like Todd Philip’s Joker did. Perhaps the most likely scenario is that it will exist on its own until such a time Warner Bros. want it to crossover. With their focus currently on building up individual characters in their own movies rather than working towards a team up event, it’s a question that they don’t need to answer yet.


The story of The Batman is still a closely guarded secret but Reeves’ has assembled an impressive cast to bring to life some of Gotham’s most infamous residents. The film will star Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Jeffery Wright as Commissioner James Gordon. Zoe Kravitz will play Selina Kyle/Catwoman who may be enemy or ally to the Dark Knight. Paul Dano and Colin Farrell round out the rogues gallery as Edward Nashton/The Riddler and Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin respectively, whilst John Turturro will portray the crime lord Carmine Falcone. The film will introduce at least one new character to Gotham, with Jayme Lawson as Bella, a politician running for office. Peter Sarsgaard also stars in an undisclosed role that The Hollywood Reporter believes could be either a corrupt cop or a district attorney, possibly even Harvey Dent before he becomes Two-Face.


The Batman is due for release June 25, 2021.