Terminator: Dark Fate International Trailer Reveals More Plot

Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes in Terminator: Dark Fate


Paramount have released an international trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, which focuses a lot more on Natalia Reyes’ character Dani Ramos.


The trailer is narrated in Spanish but the dialogue is still in English, and we get to Dani living her life with her family, before Mackenzie Davis’ character Grace turns up to rescue her from a terminator. Grace explains that Dani is very important for some reason, and that reason is presumably why Gabriel Luna’s terminator has been sent from the future to kill her.


We also see more action between Grace and the new terminator, as well as some of the same scenes with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You have to wonder if Paramount has shown their hand a bit too much with this trailer. Putting the spotlight on Dani Ramos makes it a lot easier to figure out how this film is structured, teasing a last stand with the film’s heroes against the new terminator. It’s not as bag as the massive twist that was spoiled in the Terminator: Genisys trailers, but it’s still probably too much.



Either way, the film looks pretty great. Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis continue to come off as absolute badasses, so assuming this isn’t an incredibly well-edited trailer, we could be getting the best Terminator film since Terminator 2 in 1991. Judging by Jason Cameron’s words in a recent interview about his role in the film’s production process, that could well be the case.


We’ll know for sure in just a few weeks.