Bad Boys For Life Gets Trailer

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in Bad Boys For Life

A trailer has finally arrived for Bad Boys For Life, the third film in the Bad Boys franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.


It’s been 16 years since Bad Boys II hit the big screen, but now we’re finally have a trailer for the trilogy capper. Bad Boys For Life shows detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) in the twilight of their careers, with Lawrence thinking about retiring and getting increasingly tired of Smith’s disregard for the rules.


The dynamic between the two seems about the same as it ever was, only this time they’re a bit older. The trailer shows a lot of stunts and car chases, and plenty of quips from Will Smith in particular. Not all of the jokes land in this trailer, which might spell a warning about the film when it releases, but the ones that do land are pretty damned funny.



The trailer also shows Smith and Lawrence repeating the phrase ‘one last time’, suggesting that this is the last time they’ll ever team up together. That makes sense; the franchise has been gone for well over a decade at this point, and from a marketing angle it makes sense to show this film as the last time we’ll ever see them together, considering both are in their 50s now. But this angle forgets the fact that we already know this isn’t the last film in the franchise.


When Sony announced that Bad Boys would return, they revealed that there would be a fourth film as well, coming in a few years. So this isn’t in fact the last time that these two characters will team up together, and rules out what would have been a perfectly solid marketing tactic for the next film. Ultimately, no one will care but it does seems strange that they would contradict themselves like that.


Starring alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Nunez, Kate Del Castillo and Nicky Jam. The film is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah and will be debuting in theatres on January 20, 2020.