‘Lady and The Tramp’ Trailer Looks Fantastic

Lady and the Tramp poster


The first trailer has dropped for Lady and the Tramp, the latest in a long line of Disney’s live action CGI remakes, and it looks breathtakingly good.


The trailer doesn’t go into the story all that much, but that’s understandable. This is a 60-year old classic, so everyone knows the plot at this point. Instead, it focuses on all the dogs in the film and they all look adorable. The CGI arguably looks more impressive than The Lion King, which was released to mixed reviews a month ago despite making a ton of money in the box office.



In case anyone somehow hasn’t seen the original film, Lady and the Tramp is a lovely story between two dogs – a female cocker spaniel called Lady, and a stray mutt who one day walks into her life and shows her the world outside her back garden. Lady is voiced by Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Westworld) and the Tramp is voiced by Justin Theroux (The Girl on the Train, Maniac).


Considering this film looks so good, it’s something of a surprise to see it skipping the cinema and heading straight to Disney+ on November 12 when the streaming service first launches. The original film might not be quite on the same level as The Jungle Book and The Lion King in terms of popularity, but it’s still a beloved story. It could be that Disney were troubled by the critical and commercial reception of Dumbo earlier this year, which underperformed significantly at the box office. Dumbo was always going to be a tricky sell though, and Lady and the Tramp should be much more warmly received.


It could just be that Disney wanted something new and shiny to launch their streaming service, rather than a collection of old films. Or perhaps the film’s just not that good, and they wanted to avoid the embarrassment of another Dumbo in theatres. Hopefully it’s the former, because the trailer is so full of promise.