‘IT Chapter Two’ Trailer Opens the San Diego Comic Con

IT Chapter Two
Happy Comic Con 2019! To kickstart the opening of San Diego’s international geek convention, a terrifying new trailer for IT Chapter Two has arrived.


Set 27 years after the first film, the former members of the Loser’s Club have managed to move on to live relatively successful lives in the modern day. However, when a suspicious murder happens in Derry, the group has to band together, face their fears, and reconnect with the past as they deal with the monster that’s haunted their hometown for generations. In Stephen King’s original novel, the past segments were set in 1958 with the present segments being set in 1985, reflective of the time that it was made in; however, the adaptation shifted those dates to 1989 and 2016, respectively. Yesterday, Warner Bros. shared a poster of Pennywise, subsequently promising that they’re not going to stretch this adaptation out to a third part:



Now, the final trailer has arrived:



Unlike the previous film, which focused entirely on the characters when they were kids, IT Chapter Two will shift back and forth between the present (where most of the narrative takes place) and flashbacks to events that we did not see in the first film, much like how the novel approached its sprawling, thousand-plus page narrative. It’s rare to see a movie with a total two-part commitment like this one, but it seems like they’ve set out to tell the exact story that they wanted to with two movies. Given that director Andy Muschietti is being considered for The Flash, it’s clear that the studio is confident in what he’s delivered, and with a lack of horror releases around this time, it should be clear that Pennywise and pals will be able to rule the box office (as supported by early tracking data on the sequel).


IT Chapter Two will be released on September 6, 2019.