‘Stranger Things 3’ Sets Netflix Viewership Record

Stranger Things
Stranger Things has easily become one of Netflix’s breakout hits, and based on data listed for the 1980s-heavy nostalgia rush, the third season is the most-watched in a timespan of four days.


Netflix revealed that nearly 41 million viewers watched at least one episode of Stranger Things 3 within the first four days of its arrival, with over a third of viewers binging through the whole season in that short timespan. The announcement was revealed below:



With this in mind, Netflix notoriously keep their cards close to their vests when it comes to revealing information about ratings, so take this with a grain of salt. In addition, it should be noted that Netflix sees watching 70% of a given episode as a “view”, so that’s worth keeping in mind. Nielsen Media Research, the traditional outlet that measures ratings for television programs, verified some of Netflix’s points while disputing others, according to The Verge. Nielsen’s estimates suggest that just under 20M viewers tuned in to the season premiere in the first four days of play. Even still, a big problem with Nielsen’s given figures is that they only pay attention to television-based streaming, ignoring streaming through computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, and so on, which is where a lot of Netflix’s viewership comes from. Either way, one thing that these figures from both sides of the equation indicate that Stranger Things 3 is a massive hit for Netflix, and that more will no doubt be coming in the near future.


Stranger Things 1Stranger Things 2, and Stranger Things 3 are all streaming on Netflix. A fourth season is planned, but has not yet been greenlit by Netflix. A fifth season is also possible, but either the fourth season or the hypothetical fifth season of the series are expected to be the end of the road, according to series creators Matt and Ross Duffer.