‘The Flash’: Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison Writing New Script

The Flash
After rumors have indicated that The Flash is finally moving forward, we’ve learned of a new reason as to why: Ezra Miller is writing his own take on the script with comic book legend Grant Morrison. The reason for this indicates that there’s a chance someone else could soon fill Miller’s shoes as the Scarlet Speedster.


Per The Hollywood Reporter, Miller is co-writing his own script to The Flash in what is being described as a last-ditch effort to have WB re-up his contract, which is set to expire in May. Writer-directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who were also one of three pairs of writers tasked with coming up for the script to Spider-Man: Homecoming, seem like they’re wanting to make a warmer, funnier superhero movie than what the current star is hoping for. Meanwhile, Miller and Morrison’s script is described as being darker than the one that Goldstein and Daley are collaborating on. As it currently stands, the studio is definitely ready to make a Flash movie from Goldstein and Daley’s script, since the long-dormant project took a big leap forward after Aquaman outdid their wildest expectations; however, they’re also willing to at least look at this new script before making a decision in May. It may be ready as soon as this week, and if Miller manages to win out, then there’s a chance that Warner Bros. might have to find yet another director for the movie.


If I had to guess, I get the feeling that Miller will be stepping down soon, given that WB execs all seem to be in favor of straying away from making the DC Films setting overly dark (since a harsh response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice led to a decision from up top to go for a less gritty universe, for better or worse). Miller will still be heavily involved with Warner Bros. on the Fantastic Beasts series, and it looks like that’s the company’s priority for him anyway. Freeing Miller from his DC duties means that they’ll be free to add an actor whose schedule is far less crowded, something that would prove to be a beneficial asset in something as time-consuming as being involved in a shared universe of movies. Meanwhile, Goldstein and Daley will have at least six months to recast the character as they assemble a cast for their project, which could still include the likes of Billy Crudup (who played Barry’s dad, Henry Allen) and Kiersey Clemons (who played Iris West in some still-unreleased deleted scenes from Justice League).


The Flash is in development at DC Films.