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‘Morbius’: Tyrese Gibson Signs 3-Movie Deal With Sony Pictures

Tyrese Gibson has confirmed that he will be involved in at least three of Sony’s planned Spider-Man spin-offs, starting with an appearance in next year’s Morbius.


About a week ago, Variety was able to confirm that Gibson signed on to join the cast of Morbius, which includes the likes of Jared Leto, Adria Ajona, and Matt Smith. Production on that movie just started, and it will concern the story of a scientist who turns himself into a pseudo-vampire after trying to cure his blood condition. Rather than be treated as a villain, the movie seems to emphasize Morbius’s occasional status as an anti-hero, seemingly pitted against a worse (and very real) vampire count.


Gibson recently took to Instagram to confirm that he would not only be involved with Morbius, but with two other installments in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, as his contract spans three movies:



Some fans are wondering if he could play a new version of Blade, but that appears to be unlikely due to Marvel Studios having the rights to that character. Unless Marvel are willing to share, expect to see Gibson portraying a different character, and one more likely to be a deep-cut cast member of Spider-Man‘s ensemble. Given his commitment to three movies (and possibly more), it seems likely that Gibson will have an action role of some kind, and will probably be paid well accordingly. Looks like he’s got his career figured out after Universal’s main installments in their The Fast and the Furious series are over, something that’s caused the actor to have outbursts on social media when Hobbs and Shaw was initially announced.


Gibson previously campaigned for a role in DC Films’s Green Lantern Corps, most likely as one of the main members of the alliance of galaxy-protectors. While that project is still years away from being made (and Gibson is likely too old to play John Stewart, as the studio are apparently looking for a younger actor for that part to contrast with an older Hal Jordan), it seems like he has no intention of waiting that long and wants a shot at a comic book movie role now. Hopefully, Sony can prove that Venom wasn’t the only hit up their sleeve with a universe of (currently) Spider-Man-less Spider-Man spin-offs.


Sony’s Morbius is slated to release on July 10, 2020. The sole other project part of the same universe that is currently in active development is Venom 2, which is set for an October 2, 2020 date.


Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than four years. His articles have frequently appeared in Star Wars News Net as well as as other entertainment-related websites. As someone who grew up on Star Wars and comic book movies, he’s completely thrilled with the current era of genre entertainment.

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