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Captain Marvel

‘Captain Marvel’ Clip: Annette Bening is the Supreme Intelligence

Last night during a guest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Annette Bening discussed Captain Marvel after revealing a short clip. The clip the Kree Supreme Intelligence (Bening) meeting the film’s protagonist, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than four years. His […]


New ‘Ghostbusters’ to Start Filming in June

Just last month it was revealed that Sony is working on a new Ghostbusters movie. Now, we know that the next generation of popular team will team up with their older counterparts as the film will begin filming this Summer in Calgary. ChrisLyneChris is a lifelong fan of Disney, Star Wars and super heroes who can’t quite believe […]


‘Batwoman’: Marcos Siega to Replace David Nutter as Pilot Director

Last month, it was reported that Arrowverse and Game of Thrones alum David Nutter would be helming the Batwoman pilot for The CW. This week, Deadline reports that Marcos Siega will replace him as the first director for the eagerly awaited series, with Dougray Scott joining the cast as Jacob Kane. ChrisLyneChris is a lifelong fan of Disney, Star Wars […]


Empire Reveals New ‘Shazam!’ Image

We’re just over six weeks from Shazam! hitting theaters, and with DC riding high after the phenomenal success of Aquaman the time is right for a new look at DC’s next hero. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a little longer for a new trailer, but Empire today revealed a new image of Zachary Levi as the titular hero. […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Filming on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 7 Has Begun

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s sixth season won’t air until this May, but the seventh season has just started filming. To save money on production costs for the cult favorite Marvel series, ABC greenlit another season shortly after committing to a sixth one at he eleventh hour. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has […]

Captain Marvel

‘Captain Marvel’ Ticket Presales Surge After First Screenings

Recently, some misinterpreted comments from Captain Marvel star Brie Larson led to keyboard warriors that thrive off of manufactured outrage to declare the movie a flop ahead of its release. They’re about to get a Photon-Blast-shaped egg on their face, because Captain Marvel tickets are being pre-sold at an incredibly fast rate. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is […]


RUMOR: Animated ‘Alien: Isolation’ TV Series Coming

The Alien: Isolation video game from Creative Assembly and SEGA is one of the most acclaimed things to come out of the franchise in recent years. Now, it’s looking like an animated version of that story might just be getting developed for television. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for […]


Gwyneth Paltrow Announces Semi-Retirement From Marvel Movies

“Don’t feel too bad about this. Part of the journey is the end.” That’s what Tony Stark said to Pepper Potts in the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, and it seems to ring true for Gwyneth Paltrow as well, since she plans to retire from doing future Marvel movies outside of the possibility of doing an occasional […]

Movies Coming Out This Week: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’

After a crowded Valentine’s Day weekend at the movies, things are slowing down this week as How to Train Your Dragon wraps up its trilogy. David Lopez


Warner Bros. to Distribute ‘Dune’, Denis Villeneuve Film Gets Release Date

The Spice must flow, and so must progress on the newest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune from Legendary. The film has now officially found its distributor in Warner Bros. (who worked with director Denis Vileneuve’s most recent sci-fi movie, Blade Runner 2049), and we’ve now got a release date. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance […]

Box Office

Box Office Weekend – ‘Alita’ Exceeds Expectations on Slow President’s Day Weekend

This weekend at the box office is a pretty quiet one, especially compared to last President’s Day when Black Panther reigned supreme, but it does offer the good news that Alita: Battle Angel desperately needed, as that movie outdid expectations. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than four […]

Marvel Netflix

Marvel and Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher’ Cancelled; Could They Continue at Hulu?

Marvel and Netflix are officially calling it quits with the sadly-predictable cancellations of The Punisher and Jessica Jones, with the third season of the latter still to air on the platform. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant Davis is a freelance writer who has covered entertainment news for more than four years. His articles have frequently appeared in Star […]

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