The Final Battle for ‘Gotham’ Begins in New Trailer

The end of the beginning is here. With less than two weeks before the final season hits, FOX have released a four minute trailer showcasing young Bruce Wayne’s journey and the challenges he must now face to become the Dark Knight that Gotham needs.


Gotham has always excelled at bringing the villains to life, and it looks like Bruce will have to face a gauntlet of them before he can become the hero we all know he is destined to be. As Gotham reaches it’s climax, its not just the heroes’ who are becoming the icons we know and love, it’s the villains as well. And they’re on full display in this trailer.



In addition to returning fan favorites like Penguin and a reborn Riddler, we get our first glimpses at new villains Magpie, Rag Doll, and even the Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns, who looks to be leading one of the many gangs that have divided Gotham now it has become No Man’s Land.


Old rivalries will be settled as we see Tabitha seeking revenge on Penguin, and it seems like old alliances may not be completely dead either as Riddler seeks out Oswald, telling him “we have a great deal to talk about”.


As Bruce takes his final steps to becoming Batman, Selina completes her own journey to becoming Catwoman. “I’m better. Even better than before in fact,” she tells Bruce as we see her rising, clawed gloves on her hands and her pupils changing to cat like slits.


The trailer shows the return of Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, and Hugo Strange, who appears to be behind the creation of Gotham‘s latest villain; Bane. Yes, this trailer gives us our first look at Shane West’s Eduardo Dorrance as both Jim Gordon’s old army friend, and as the monster he will become.


But whilst Bane may be the big new villain of the season, he’s not the one we’ve been waiting to see and FOX knows it. “I wanna be the star of the show!” Jeremiah proclaims. And the man who would be Joker has indisputably become the series’ lead villain. With Ecco uttering Harley’s infamous “puddin”, and what looks to be a Burton inspired climatic confrontation between Bruce and Jeremiah at ACE Chemicals I’m more certain than ever that we will see the birth of the Joker before Gotham ends. “This ends tonight.” Bruce tells Jeremiah. “No Bruce,” he replies, “now it begins.” He doesn’t know how right he is. Gotham has taken a lot of liberties with the Batman mythology, but as this journey ends it seems fitting that Batman and Joker will be born together.


Gotham returns January 3rd 2019 on FOX.