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‘Home Alone’ Gets a Sequel With Google Ad

Home Alone
28 years after having to thwart a home invasion just before Christmas, Kevin McCallister finds himself Home Alone… Again. But he’s older and wiser, and with the help of the handy-dandy product placement – er, Google Assistant, he’s able to enjoy his bit of solitude while keeping his house safe and tidy. Check out the short but sweet sequel to the John Hughes and Christopher Columbus holiday classic below.


As you can see from the featured image, they managed to get Macaulay Culkin back into the role that made him a child star. And even though a 38-year-old watching over his own house just before Christmas isn’t exactly unheard of, it seems as if Kevin ends up doing a lot of the same stuff that he did years earlier around this time of year for nearly three decades, right down to jumping on the bed and serving himself a fancy mac and cheese dinner. But this time, he’s not completely home alone, as Google Assistant is there to help him with his day-to-day hijinx, including scaring off the Wet Bandits (who are somehow dumb enough to think that they can rob the same house that got them jail time), portrayed by the conveniently offscreen duo, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.



Using new shots of a grown-up Kevin, some archive footage, and clever editing, Google were able to construct a fun little narrative building off of a Christmas classic. Culkin’s reprisal of the character also comes fresh off of his prominent appearance on The Angry Video Game Nerd episode where he helped the show’s host (James Rolfe) review several tie-in games made for the film series. So with this much focus on the franchise as of late, and Disney acquiring Fox early next year, is it too early to ask for a Halloween (2018)-like revival of this franchise with the lead star involved?


Home Alone is available to watch on VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-Ray, and a multitude of streaming services, as is the sequel that recycles a number of the scenarios in spite of taking place in Manhattan, along with the other two movies in the series that we don’t talk about.


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