Second Teaser for ‘Elseworlds’ Released


Yesterday we saw Oliver Queen waking up to discover he was Barry Allen in the first preview of Elseworlds. Today it’s Barry Allen’s turn in the second teaser for the crossover event.



The short trailer sees Barry appearing to “wake up” as he hits the mats during a sparring session with Diggle. After instinctively flooring Diggle, Barry realises “I’m the Green Arrow.”


The question still remains whether or not this is our Barry and Oliver’s minds in the bodies of another world’s heroes, or if this is some reality warped Earth One. And just how do Supergirl and all the other heroes fit into this? Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out.


Elseworlds begins December 9th on The Flash, continues December 10th on Arrow, and concludes December 11th on Supergirl.