First Teaser Released for ‘Elseworlds’ Crossover

The annual Arrowverse crossover is almost upon us and The CW have just released the first reality bending teaser trailer for next month’s highly anticipated Elseworlds event.


The first teaser certainly raises more questions than answers, playing with expectations and leaving you unsure what you have just seen. Is this our Oliver’s mind in the body of another world’s Barry Allen? Or has the reality of Earth One somehow been changed? As the tagline says; “Destiny will be rewritten.”



With the return of Superman and the debut of both Batwoman and Lois Lane, not to mention the return of John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen, the crossover is certainly set to be an epic event that DC fans won’t want to miss.


Elseworlds begins December 9th on The Flash, continues December 10th on Arrow, and concludes December 11th on Supergirl.