Leaked ‘Avengers 4’ Promo Images Reveal New Designs

In another leak that proves the authenticity of the leaked promotional art for Avengers 4 from June, some new promotional images of Chris Evans as Captain America has surfaced. In addition, we get a partial look at other heroes like War Machine, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Hawkeye/Ronin and an armored Thanos.


The first set of images are largely clear for the most part, but everything after them looks digitally blurred out in what appears to be a countermeasure to prevent leaks. (Obviously, that didn’t quite work.) These appear to be tied to merchandise, and you can get a good look at the images below:






So there’s a lot of information to digest looking through here, so we’ll take a quick look at each one of the Avengers showcased. First up is Steve Rogers, who has the clearest images out of the ones that leaked. He’s clean-shaven again and is wearing his helmet and star, signifying that he’s actually assumed the title of Captain America once again. However, his signature shield, which was last seen being left behind for Iron Man as a symbolic gesture showing he recognizes that he’s no longer fighting for America’s best interests, is nowhere to be found. Also of note is the chainmail armor, which is something that Avengers: Infinity War design previously alluded to as an Easter Egg.


Next, we’ve got Iron Man’s Mark 85 suit; while the Mark 50 suit from the previous movie looks to appear in Avengers 4 based on that image I linked to at the beginning of this article, it appears as though Tony didn’t stop working on inventing things between the events of Infinity War and the final chapter will feature a brand-new suit, and possibly a few others. Like Cap’s costume, this design draws influence from earlier appearances in the comics; specifically, the design seems to be based on the Mark 3 from the 1960s.


After this, there’s not a whole lot to say that hasn’t already been said at this pont. Hawkeye does appear to be Ronin, and he might actually be wearing a mask in one of those images. War Machine’s armor is a lot bulkier. Thanos is wearing a helmet and armor again, likely as a precaution in the event that Thor actually tries to go for the head in an inevitable rematch. And Captain Marvel and Black Widow look the same as they usually do, only with slightly different hairstyles. In any case, it’s seeming like the floodgates are opening up for more leaks as we get closer to the first trailer, which ought to arrive in November at the current rate.


Avengers 4 will be released on May 3, 2019.