Jared Leto’s Joker to Get a Solo Movie?

I don’t think anyone saw this coming! According to Variety, Jared Leto’s Joker is getting his own movie.


Not to be confused with Todd Philips’ Joker origin movie, which is intended to be the first film under a new banner of completely standalone DC movies, this Joker movie would be part of the DC Films universe.


According to Variety’s sources, Jared Leto would both star in and executive produce the movie which is intended to pave the way for future movies branching out from Suicide Squad and building up that corner of the DC Universe.


This isn’t the first time Warner Bros. have looked to build off Suicide Squad‘s box office success. In addition to the sequel, which is currently expected to go into production next year, multiple spin offs have been considered for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, including a solo and a Harley and Joker movie (which would also have starred Leto), before moving forward with Birds of Prey, as well as a solo film for Will Smith’s Deadshot.



Variety notes that WB and Leto are now searching for a writer, and presumably a director as well, so this movie is unlikely to enter production until after both Suicide Squad 2 and Birds of Prey. It is also unclear which of the two Joker projects is considered the priority by the studio. Ultimately both may come to fruition or one could be put on the back burner as the other gains momentum.


Leto’s Joker is an interesting character to consider a solo movie for at this point. Though the Joker is one of the greatest comic book villains of all time and easily capable of carrying his own movie, Leto’s portrayal was generally considered a misfire. In the wake of Justice League it also feels like now is the time when WB should be focusing on building their core heroes (I’m still waiting for that Superman sequel announcement) rather than looking at spin offs for Suicide Squad.


That said, we don’t know all of WB’s plans. They could already have plans for their heroes and this Joker project, along with other potential Suicide Squad spin offs, could stem from a strong vision for Suicide Squad 2. The Joker as a character is constantly re-inventing himself. There is no reason why Leto’s version of the character can’t do the same. If the character does appear in Suicide Squad 2 that could be the perfect place to introduce a new and improved Joker and set him up for his solo debut.