First ‘Avengers 4’ Promo Art Reveals Core Team and a New Look at Thanos

Some new promo art for Avengers 4 has apparently leaked, showing what appears to be the core team of the film as it starts out. (Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead!)


So after the end of Avengers: Infinity War, a lot of our heroes are dead, and we’re left with two teams of survivors: one that consists of Iron Man and Nebula, and the other which is made up of Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, War Machine, and Rocket. From the looks of the first official promo art, it looks like three new additions to the team will form the key group of heroes at the start of the fourth Avengers adventure: Hawkeye/Ronin, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel.



It’s been rumored that Avengers 4 will have a timeskip, which would help explain a number of changes that we see here. Steve Rogers has clearly shaved, and from the looks of his costume, is actually assuming the title of Captain America again after dropping it at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Black Widow isn’t dyeing her hair blonde and it appears to be longer; the changes in appearances between her and Cap suggest that the two of them are no longer running from the law. But the most striking change is that not only does the Hulk have a costume, but he’s also standing upright, potentially teasing the possibility that Hulk and Bruce Banner form a merged personality like in the comics. Interestingly, the Wasp is nowhere to be seen here, suggesting that she may have been dusted between the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Infinity War.


But the Avengers aren’t the only ones sporting new looks. The Mad Titan is also back, wearing his armor once again and wielding a fully-repaired Infinity Gauntlet, alongside another weapon.



Evidently, retiring to some paradise world after the blood of trillions soaked into his hands didn’t work out for Thanos, and he’s on the war path once again. One wonders why he’d need a new weapon considering that the Infinity Gauntlet, which makes him functionally omnipotent, is right there, but perhaps it’s in his best interests to have more options available.


Avengers 4 will be released on May 3.