‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Gets an Official Trailer

Roughly three months after the teaser dropped, Ralph Breaks the Internet now has an official trailer and there are plenty of reasons for Disney fans to be excited.


While there weren’t many new plot details revealed beyond ‘Ralph and Vanellope visit the internet and decide to wreck it’, there is a bunch of new footage that shows off why this film might end up being a must-see for anyone who loves both modern and classic Disney films.




We’re shown footage of Ralph and Vanellope arriving in the internet and spotting all the heavy hitters of the web (Facebook, Twitter and Google can be spotted among others) but the really exciting stuff is when they wind up visiting Disney.


It looks like Ralph Wrecks the Internet might end up being the new Ready Player One, if the sheer amount of cameos witnessed in the following minute or so are any indication. We see everything from Star Wars iconography to Winnie the Pooh characters, but the most tantalising thing here is that we get to see what I think is every Disney princess in history in the same room. I might be forgetting one or two, but it seems like everyone is there, even the classic ones who have only previously rendered as two-dimensional cartoons.


Sure, these cameos might only amount to a single scene, but it certainly teases the most ambitious Disney crossover since Avengers: Infinity War. That’s certainly something I didn’t expect to be saying about a Wreck-It Ralph sequel.


If that’s not a reason to go to see this film, then I really don’t know what is.