‘Aquaman’ Promo Image Shows Aquatic Superhero in Armor

Aquaman was generally agreed to be one of the better parts of last year’s Justice League, which is just as well considering that he’s leading the first follow-up to that movie. At a licensing convention in Las Vegas, a new promotional image of Jason Momoa as the title character surfaced.


With Aquaman set to revolve around a crisis over who controls Atlantis, the title hero has to be prepared for war, so a new poster shows the character in aquatic-looking battle armor:


PHOTO: Better look at Aquaman poster from DC_Cinematic


For fans of the classic costume, don’t be too worried: previous leaks have suggested he’s got an upgraded version of his Justice League duds complete with green boots and gloves, along with an actual three-pronged trident.


Aquaman will be released on December 21, 2018.